Honey Face Wash

• Castile soap

• Raw honey

• Distilled water

• Almond oil

$7.00 – 2 oz. bottle

Facial Serum

• Almond oil

• Vitamin E oil

• Lavender essential oil

• Frankincense essential oil

• Geranium essential oil

• Myrrh essential oil

$10 – 1 oz. bottle

Green Tea Eye Cream

• Green tea infused oil

• Vitamin E oil

• Carrot Seed oil

$10 – .25 oz. jar

The secret to smoother skin is a daily regiment of using a good cleanser, followed with a facial serum and moisturizer.

BWell Organics’ Honey Face Wash is a light cleansing product that uses raw honey for its antibacterial properties, as well as its extra moisturizing benefits to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Follow up with the Facial Serum for deep moisturizing benefits. This serum will help restore elasticity, and increase nourishment and brightening of the skin. Once the oils have been absorbed, follow up with your favorite moisturizer for sunscreen protection and hydration.

BWell’s silky Eye Cream is made from organic green tea-infused oil, vitamin E and Carrot Seed essential oil. This revitalizing under-eye treatment will help alleviate puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Use daily.

TIP: Apply the serum and eye cream to clean skin in the morning, before applying your moisturizer and makeup. Use in the evening with the eye cream after cleansing with the Honey Face Wash (or after using a BWell facial scrub) and before your nighttime moisturizer.

BWell Organics’ Secret to Smooth Skin!

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